Soda Pop the Way it Used to Be.

At Flavor 8, we believe in the values of our youth. That’s why we’re dedicated to making hand-crafted soda the way it was made in the 50s. Enjoy any one of our delicious sugar-sweetened soda flavors and make it great with Flavor 8!

Making Soda Fun Again!

facility-imageDave Talo and John Mathison grew up in the 60s and 70s drinking great tasting, sugar-sweetened sodas at family-friendly prices. The glass bottled, multiple-flavored sodas were brought to most family functions, served ice cold, and enjoyed by both kids and adults. The two had a vision to bring the nostalgia back to Northeast Wisconsin, and in 2011, Flavor 8 was born.

Dave, now the sole owner of Flavor 8, produces the old-fashioned soda pop using a restored, vintage production line that was used during the 60s and 70s. Currently manufactured in New London, Wisconsin, Flavor 8 Bottling LLC offers tours of their vintage production facility during their standard operating hours. You can buy Flavor 8 at select locations throughout Wisconsin.